We sold for $100K over

our asking price and I know it was due to their staging...I could not be happier with their professionalism

Within a day, we had 2 offers

and sold at above asking. My realtor was so impressed, she invited many colleagues to tour the property.

Where else can you get a more than 10x return

on your investment?

  • A home staged in Santa Cruz by Limelight Home Staging

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  • A condo in Santa Cruz, CA, Staged by Limelight Home Staging

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  • Home Staging in La Selva Beach, CA, by Limelight Home Staging

    Staging Is A
    High Yielding Investment

    that presents a home at its hightest potential
    in order to sell quickly
    for the most money the market will allow

Welcome to Limelight Home Staging

Limelight Home Staging provides professional home staging services in Santa Cruz County, CA and equips homeowners and Realtors to sell homes fast and at top market value. Our expert stagers design each house to appeal to the widest range of buyers. Our professional crew executes each stage with great care. We service Santa Cruz County and the South Bay Area. View our home staging transformations and read our many success stories to see what we can do for you!

Home Staging Transformations

View how others have used our home staging services to sell faster and for more and read our success stories to see why our clients are raving about Limelight Home Staging. Click and drag the slider at the center of the photo to see the transformations.

Before image of a condo staged in Santa Cruz near the Boardwalk After image of a condo staged in Santa Cruz near the Boardwalk
Before image of a home staged on the Westside in Santa Cruz After image of a home staged on the Westside in Santa Cruz
Before image of a home staged in the Live Oak area of Santa Cruz After image of a home staged in the Live Oak area of Santa Cruz
Before image of a home staged in Los Gatos After image of a home staged in Los Gatos
Before image of a home staged in the Harbor area of Santa Cruz After image of a home staged in the Harbor area of Santa Cruz
Before image of a home staged in the Harbor area of Santa Cruz After image of a home staged in the Harbor area of Santa Cruz
Before image of a home staged in the Westside of Santa Cruz After image of a home staged in the Westside of Santa Cruz
Before image of a home staged in the Midtown area of Santa Cruz After image of a home staged in the Midtown area of Santa Cruz

Home Staging is a High Yielding Investment

  • Home Staging yields a fantastic return when a house is priced within current market value!
  • In addition to the many success stories we've received from our customers, these national studies found:
    • Staged homes sell for more than non-staged homes (up to 17% more) according to U.S. Housing and Urban Development.
    • Staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes (43% faster) according to the Association of Property Scene Designers.
  • Unlike a home that sits on the market, a Staged home sells faster, saving the owner money by not needing to pay property expenses month after month:
    • Thousands in Mortgages
    • Hundreds in Property Taxes
    • Utilities, Insurance and other Maintenance Costs
    • Monthly HOA Fees
  • With the combination of selling higher than non-staged homes, selling faster than non-staged homes, and greatly reducing the chance of a price reduction, Staging literally pays for itself many times over!
  • Staging accentuates the positive features of the home.
  • Staging minimizes negative issues.
  • Staging gives the seller a marketing advantage: attractive, compelling photos.
    • 95% of buyers will see your house online first!
  • Staging done right will appeal to the widest range of potential buyers.
  • Staging is more likely to win the heart of a buyer.
  • When a home is staged, buyers can envision themselves in the home and mentally move in.
  • When a home is staged, buyers can easily envision how each room can be utilized. We do it for them!
  • Staging helps 90% of buyers as only 10% of buyers can visualize the potential of a home.
  • When a home is Staged, small rooms can appear larger and rooms that are too large can become sensible.
  • Staging helps difficult and confusing floor plans become understandable.
  • "Studies show that a home can sell up to three times faster when it is Staged." - San Francisco Chronicle
  • In controlled tests selling identical homes professioinally staged vs. those not staged, a study by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) found that unstaged homes sit on the market over 2X longer than staged homes!
  • In a separate study, US Housing and Urban Development found that Staging can reduce the amount of time a home stays on the market up up to 50 percent.
  • Most properties we stage that have been priced within current market value have received between 3% to 12% above listing price.
  • "Staging speeds up sales in a sluggish market, and can bump up prices 2 percent to 10 percent in a moderate market." - Wall Street Journal
  • "When Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Los Altos, Calif., looked at nearly 2,800 properties in eight U.S. cities in 2004, they found that the staged homes, on average, sold in half the time that the non-staged homes did. The sellers with staged homes ended up with 6.3% more than their asking price, on average, while sellers with non-staged homes sold for 1.6% more than the asking price." - USA Today
  • Excellent and Professional Customer Service
  • Fully Insured and Bonded (including workers' compensation insurance for all employees)
  • Competitive and Flexible Pricing
  • Limelight has an expansive inventory
  • Our stagers work hard to present your home to appeal to the widest range of potential buyers.
  • 10% Of All Company Profits Donated to Charity

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Home Staging Services

Vacant Home Staging

Empty homes often feel cold and expose every flaw of the property. When buyers walk through an empty space, they often have a hard time envisioning how they could live in it. This experience distances them further from your property and from your asking price. Limelight Home Staging can transform your vacant property into a stunning, vibrant and alluring environment for buyers. This often can result in competing offers, helping to drive up the price.

Property and Owner Occupied Consultations

If the home is not vacant, we can help you with a staging consultation. A consultation begins with an overall evaluation of your home and its staging needs. One of our designers will walk through your home room by room and describe in detail what needs to take place to show your home at its best. If necessary, we will provide you with an outline of what it would require for Limelight to implement your staging needs. Once you receive the outline, you can then decide on how much – or how little – Limelight Home Staging can support you in implementing the suggested changes.


Limelight Home Staging offers the following redesign services which can enhance any living environment:

One Day Makeovers

Limelight Home Staging can transform your home using your own furnishings! Design and shopping services are available as well if you would like to change or supplement your existing décor.

Redesign – Re-create – Re-energize!

We use our expertise to recreate your home. By remixing your furniture and accessories, we can make your home feel new again.

Our Home Staging Success Stories

Read what clients are saying about Limelight Home Staging
(Click on the link to see the full testimony)

I interviewed several stagers prior to selecting Sarah at Limelight Home Staging. She seemed to be the most knowledgeable and thorough. Sarah met and exceeded my expectations. We sold our home for $100,000 over asking price and I know it was due to her staging. Sarah and her company are professional, detail oriented, and reliable. She completed the job on time and picked up the items several days after I requested. I could not be happier with her professionalism and the outcome her staging produced. Thank you Sarah and Limelight Home Staging!!!!

Brian Airoldi
The condo that I sold was relatively small at only 1000 ft.² for two bedrooms. I knew from having lived in small places before that how you arrange furniture and decorate can have a big difference on how welcoming and useful a space feels. I had never had a place staged before I sold it before, so honestly I was a little bit surprised at the cost of staging. However, I went forward knowing that even a small difference on the overall sales price could easily pay for the staging. What I wasn't prepared for was how fantastic the staging made the place look! I was absolutely stunned when I saw the pictures on the listing with everything properly staged. In the end our place ended up selling for $41,000 more than our asking price of $459,000. Even if I only attribute half of that increase to the staging it's still a great deal. Where else can you get a more than 10x return on your investment?

I highly recommend Limelight Home Staging to anyone selling their home. Sarah Meads is a true professional with lots of experience and a talent for a home appear at it’s best. She did a fantastic job for us. We felt that her work increased the price we could ask for our house by many thousands of dollars. Limelight Home Staging played a key role in our decision because the house looked so good after they staged it. Our house was quite old and had an unusual layout. Two prior attempts at staging the house were totally unsuccessful. Fortunately we found Sarah and Limelight Home Staging. With a very short timeframe before the house went on the open market, Sarah stepped in and worked her magic. She and her team made the house much more attractive while demonstrating to buyers how to use the rooms most effectively. Buyers seemed to agree, because we received $121,000 over our asking price, much more than anyone had expected. We would hire Limelight again in a heartbeat. Sarah is very pleasant to work with. She communicated well with us, answering calls quickly, giving us regular updates via email and making numerous accommodations. Also, everyone on her team was courteous and it was obvious that they enjoyed their working environment. I whole-heartedly recommend Sarah and Limelight Home Staging.

Linda St.John
I have been working with Sarah at Limelight Home Staging for several years now. Sarah the ultimate professional! Her artistic design and sense of color makes each home look like it is right out of Architectural Digest Magazine. Sarah knows how to make an upper end home look like an estate, and a beach cottage like a vacation retreat. Her inventory of furniture is extensive which allows her to be sure you have different decor for different styles of homes. Sarah is always on schedule and on time, and she cleans up so well; you would never know she was there. I enjoy working with Sarah and I highly recommend her.

Lauren Spencer
Sarah Meads, with Limelight Home Staging is hands down, the best stager on the Monterey Peninsula! I have worked with her now on staging 3 different homes, and I am convinced that her staging made the difference in getting each one sold quickly at top dollar. Her professionalism and attention to detail was so much appreciated, and it was evident that she really loves her work! Every home that she staged was stunning and she was a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend her services and I will definitely be using Sarah again!

Mary Aguilar, David Lyng
Our realtors (Stephen and Susan Karon) recommended Limelight. After searching the Internet for alternative providers, we agreed that Limelight looked completely competent. Then we learned more...they were far more than competent. Their prices and terms were very reasonable. The look they imparted to our house impressed us completely. What an eye they have! Our house garnered two offers on the day of the open house. I have no doubt that Limelight's efforts not only made this happen, but also added to the size of the offers we received to the tune of ten to fifteen times their fee. What an incredible return on a simple investment.

Thank you Limelight!
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Steinmez
Hi Sarah,
I am a Realtor and therefore very particular about who I use for my vendors. When it came time to sell my own home, I chose Sarah and her crew at Limelight. They were professional from top to bottom and really delivered exactly what they had promised. She has a great eye for what works to sell a home. I particularly appreciated the way she treats her employees and that she is licensed and bonded. I felt that I would be in good hands through the whole process and I was more than right. Thanks Sarah.

Debbie Calhoun
Dear Sarah,

It was mid July when I called Lauren Spencer to see about selling my home ASAP! On August 3rd I moved into Valley Heights Residential, by September 3rd a firm buyer was found for my home and today I received the check finalizing its sale. Of course selling a home was new to me. I had lived in my home for over 35 years. I was a advised to patch it up here and there and once my furnishings were removed I was advised by Lauren to have it "staged". I had never heard of such a thing, but Lauren was persuasive. I have to say that once I saw the professional photos on the MLS on line listings --I was really amazed at what Limelight Home Staging did to make my home a dream home. My little home looked like something out of Better Homes and Gardens, and once staged it took less than one week to find the couple who ultimately purchased it. It was done tastefully and conservatively, really showing off the best features of my 65 year old home.

I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, and the tasteful touches you added to my home to help make it marketable.

Gerrie Ridgway
My sellers chose Sarah Meads Staging Services after attending a full years worth of open houses and seeing her work throughout Santa Cruz County. Sarah was both efficient and accommodating. The actual staging was done in a very short amount of time and she was able to work around our marketing timeline. Limelight Home Staging went above and beyond. The finished product was a beautiful home that sold in days, with multiple offers, and for above list price. Staging was such an important part of our marketing. We would recommend Sarah's services again.

Aimee Thayer-Garcia
Bailey Properties
First the decision to spend money on staging was important. Although currently inventory is low and the market is picking up, high end properties will lag in the recovery especially in Santa Cruz County. I decided to hire a professional stager to set my property apart by accenting the strengths and minimizing the weaknesses. My goal was to sell quickly and get near the asking price. My agent and I interviewed several Home Stagers and selected Limelight Home Staging. The reason we selected Limelight is because Sarah was very confident with her abilities, her business acumen and she understood my goals. Sarah clearly understood the top selling points of the property and what type of buyer would likely be interested. She developed a plan, made some slight adjustments based on my inputs and seamlessly executed. The result is that the house sold within a couple of weeks of listing and at full asking price. Although many factors led to success, I believe the staging was a significant one. I would highly recommend Limelight Home Staging.

Eric Longpre
Santa Cruz, CA
Sarah showed us examples from her portfolio, and we knew we had found our fit. She worked overtime to ensure that the property was ready for the open house. My clients and I were ecstatic with the final outcome and the home came out beautifully. We received multiple offers in the first three days and sold the house in under a week...at above our asking price! There is no doubt that the staging of the property assisted in the quick sale and ultimate higher sales price. I would highly recommend Sarah for all your staging needs and look forward to working with her again.

Joshua Bacorn
Realtor, David Lyng Real Estate
Sarah is THE expert in her field. We asked her to stage a home for us after seeing her wonderful work in other homes. Sarah is easy to work with, creative and has the expertise to stage a home to perfection. Our company will use Sarah again and again. We highly recommend her services.

Delaine Keeney Moles
Redwood Bay Ventures, Inc.
Limelight Staging did an exceptional job staging my property in Monterey. Prior to having it staged, the house was on the market for six months with no offers. I hired Limelight Staging to help get my house sold. Sarah, the owner of Limelight Home Staging, was professional from beginning to end. She presented an estimate, a written professional proposal and the price was very reasonable. She staged the property beyond beautifully. The staging exceeded my expectations. It was elegant when completed. Working with Sarah was easy, smooth and very professional. Soon after staging, the property received and offer and we sold fast!

Valerie D.
Monterey, CA
Limelight Home Staging did an excellent job staging my client's home. It sold quickly and for over asking price with multiple offers. My client chose Limelight because we saw their excellent staging at other listings and they loved the accents that Sarah brought to a home. I would highly recommend Sarah Meads at Limelight Home Staging to any seller or listing agent wanting to sell their home quickly and for top dollar!

Peter Cook
I became the trustee for my uncle's estate and responsible for selling two small homes in Monterey. I selected Limelight Home Staging to stage the properties for two key reasons, they offered the quality I sought at affordable prices. The first house was on the market for just under one week and I received four offers. My agent reported receiving extremely positive comments from prospective buyers concerning the staging during the open house. Within one week the house was in escrow.
The second house never reached the market because my back-up buyer from the first house previewed the second house just after it was staged and made an offer on it that day. I firmly believe that the staging sold the homes since staging made the rooms in both homes appear larger than if they were unfurnished. The staging also made the properties look more inviting.
I'm very pleased with the quick sale of both houses. I certainly selected the right company for my staging needs. I highly recommend Limelight Home Staging for your next staging project.

Leslie D.
Monterey, CA
Working with Limelight Home Staging was a terrific experience. Sarah Meads was nothing but professional and diligent in transforming a 30 year old condo I was selling for my mother in Aptos, California. With Sarah's decorating touch she was able to bring this condo into the twenty first century. It sold within the first week of listing.
Sarah has a wonderful eye for what is needed to update, and decorate a home. I thoroughly enjoyed her professional manner and lovely attitude. Most definitely I would like to recommend her business to anyone looking for a quality Stager.

Aptos, CA
Sarah, I just have to sincerely thank you for being the artist that you are! I got so many ecstatic comments from family and friends when I showed them the house. They, as I, absolutely loved what you did. I'll say it again, you are an artist and I am SO thankful that Mary recommended you to me. If a perspective client ever needs a little "convincing", put him in touch with me!

I just have to thank you again for staging my mother's house. It indeed showed well and sold quickly. I must be honest. I really didn't think I needed to stage the house in light of all the modernization improvements that we did. I thought that it looked just fine! Than a reoccurring theme kept coming in from my friends in the know: "Get the house staged!" The real clincher was when my Realtor, Mary Aguilar, told me that staging the house was an investment well worth it and that Limelight Home Staging were the people to do it.

I called you to come out and look at the house, still a bit skeptical even though I had the utmost confidence in Mary's professional advice. You actually "studied" the house and made some suggestions like not having to stage all the bedrooms just the master bedroom. The more I talked to you, the more confident I felt and decided, "I'll do it."

When I saw the results, I was blown away! I realized that as beautiful as the empty house was, it was only a blank canvas. You, with your wonderful talent, transformed it into a work of art! Furniture, wall hangings, table settings, bathrooms presentations, outside furniture, etc. were all placed in such a artistic way that the house was exquisitely transformed. I was so amused (and wonderfully pleased) when family members came in to see the house who had been there numerous times before the staging. They just marveled and their jaws dropped. So, on behalf of the family and myself, thank you so much for all you did for us.


Andre de la Torre
I chose Limelight Home Staging after seeing a staged home that was done in a coastal theme last year. I was impressed that it was not over- decorated like some staged listings. I also received a referral from another stager" recommending Limelight.
When I walked thru the home prior to listing, it was vacant. With the furniture moved out, the need for paint touch up and other miscellaneous imperfections became apparent. I also noticed that the warmth that the home had while occupied was not there.
Once Limelight came thru and did their magic, the house became a home. Everyone who came thru exclaimed, "I could live here!"
Thanks to Sarah and her team, we received 3 offers within 12 days and closed for over asking within 30 days. I was very impressed with Sarah's professionalism and organizational skills, as well as her decorating skills. I would recommend Limelight to anyone who wants to use a stager.

Barbara Samson
Vanguard Realtors
We originally put our vacation home on the market with our own furniture. It didn't generate much interest so at the advice of our agent we engaged Limelight to turn our home into a cozy beach retreat. Sarah had a nice collection of different furniture options at a reasonable cost. She staged the house quickly and offers started coming in. We ultimately sold the property at a price we were happy with.

Sam and Susan
September 21, 2015

Living in Seattle and listing a condo for sale in Santa Cruz is difficult, if not impossible! Three states away, I needed someone to handle my property, prepare it for sale, and trust that the job would be professional, and beautiful. Sarah Meads, owner of Limelight Home Staging was the perfect solution! She visited the property, prepared a thorough plan to stage the entire property, including the deck, and emailed me a proposal. The entire process was seamless and we happily chose her company. The presentation was elegant, provided a lovely set of photos for the internet, and impressed all who toured the property. Within a day, we had 2 offers and sold at an above asking price. My realtor was so impressed, she invited many colleagues to tour the property. I give Limelight the highest possible recommendation for home staging. If you want an exceptional, professional and beautiful space to show potential buyers, use Limelight Home Staging.

Edith Keech
Auburn WA
December 16, 2014

Dear Sarah:

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how very much we appreciated your professional staging service on our recent project. We are delighted to tell you that the property sold in just 11 days for full asking price! I have no doubt that your artful staging did the trick.

During the showings we received numerous compliments on the look and feel of the home. I interviewed three different staging companies and found your quick response, professional yet personal presentation to be the best. After meeting with you, I checked out your website which answered any additional questions. You worked with me on a timeline that was amenable to me and the real estate agent.

On the agreed upon day to stage, you and your team arrived within the given window and proceeded quickly to transform an empty dated space into an updated inviting home. The following day you returned as promised and completed important details like coordinated towels, linens, and attractive decorative items. I had several hours during the open houses to enjoy the end result.

Once the property went into escrow, I contacted Limelight Home Staging to arrange “destaging”. Once again, the timing for that was coordinated for our convenience.

I will utilize Limelight Home Staging again without hesitation. If you have future clients that need a personal recommendation, do not hesitate to give them my contact information. As a business owner for over 15 years, I respect and appreciate your level of customer service. Sadly, these days amazing service is rare.

Thank you again, Sarah. You are the best!!!


Pamela Troia
Sarah Meads with Limelight Home Staging was very responsive to my request for a staging bid on my Los Gatos listing that I was preparing for market. When she went to the home to bid the job it was full of tradespeople getting it repaired and painted. Undaunted she measured the rooms and gave suggestions to stage and market the home effectively. She wasn't the least expensive bid received but you know the old axiom of "You get what you pay for", she was worth every penny! She was professional, accommodating and worked around a schedule that was tight at best. I am truly grateful for her efforts and I can honestly say that her staging really made the home come alive!
Thanks again,

Suzanne Hood, Realtor, SRES
Coldwell Banker Carl Conelly Realtors
Boulder Creek, CA 95006
The staging looks great! Thank you for all your hard work. The fact that you had the "ASP" designation was a big plus for me in making the decision to use Limelight Home Staging to meet my clients staging needs. Your consultation was very helpful to all parties included. It helped us determine how we wanted to stage the house and what type of look we wanted to achieve. In the end, I knew your work had been successful for two reasons: One, the house sold within 3 days of being listed and two, the buyers were very interested in all the furniture that you had used to achieve the look.
Thanks again for all your help.

Brian R. Tanger
Realtor, Referral Realty

Portfolio of Our Staged Homes

View some transformed living spaces and an image gallery from some properties staged by Limelight Home Staging

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Home Staged in the Westside of Santa Cruz
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Home Staged on Beach Hill in Santa Cruz
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